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Accessibility Guide
Information Provided by the
Bermuda Department of Tourism

The following information is intended only as a guide. Visitors who are physically challenged are strongly advised to inform the hotel of their choice at the time of booking as to any special requirements. This will enable the hotel to allocate a suitable room and make such arrangements as may be required.


Bermuda's resort hotels are best suited for the accommodation of visitors who are physically challenged. They offer full service and dining facilities, have large elevators, wide doorways, more accessible bathrooms, public rooms with a minimum of steps and reasonably accessible recreational areas. They have wheelchairs available and sufficient hotel staff to assist.

Suggested suitable resort hotels:

  • Elbow Beach Hotel, a Wyndham Resort
  • Marriott's Castle Harbor Resort
  • Hamilton Princess Hotel
  • Sonesta Beach Hotel
  • Southampton Princess Hotel
  • Stonington

(For visitors who are physically challenged but who do not use wheelchairs, the choice is wider. However, it is advised that visitors check with the hotel regarding any special requirements when booking. Then, if facilities are unavailable, other arrangements can be made.)

"Accessible Vacation Relief Apartment" - available by contacting in advance:

Mrs. Ianthia Wade
"Summer Haven"
P.O. Box HS 30
Harrington Sound HS BX
Tel: (809) 293-2099



There is one wheelchair-accessible taxi in Bermuda: Mr. Sam Matthews, tel 234-7205.

Station-wagon taxis with their large door openings and space in the back for the storage of wheelchairs, crutches, etc. are available for sightseeing tours or point-to-point transportation, but these are only accessible to those who can transfer.


The Somerset/Dockyard ferry is accessible by wheelchair. At present, the Paget/Warwick ferry is not, but it can be boarded in a wheelchair for a roundtrip harbour cruise as the ferry is accessible from the Hamilton ferry terminal.

B.P.H.A. Bus

The Bermuda Physically Handicapped Association has a bus with hydraulic lift which can be used by manual wheelchairs only. It is operated by volunteer drivers and on a first-come-first-served basis. Arrangements should be made in advance through the kind assistance of:

Mr. Willard Fox
Bermuda Physically Handicapped Association
P.O. Box HM 08
Hamilton HM AX
Tel: (809) 292-5025 (office) and (809) 293-8148 (home)

(Note: One bus for use for electric wheelchairs can be made available from Willard Fox, on advance notice, subject to availability.)

Public Buses

The public buses in Bermuda are not accessible to those persons who use a wheelchair, but with assistance might be entered by persons with limited mobility. There are no buses with hydraulic lifts or storage space.


A permit to import a dog must be obtained in advance of arrival in Bermuda from:

The Director of Agriculture
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Parks
P.O. Box HM 834
Hamilton HM CX
Tel: (809) 236-4201

For convenience, application forms may be obtained from any of the Department of Tourism offices abroad. If satisfied, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Parks will mail to the importer the Import Permit which must accompany the animal at the time of arrival.

Note: Refer to "Animals (Import to Bermuda)" for complete details, as strict laws are enforced.


The Bermuda Red Cross, offices on the second floor of the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, has a comprehensive stock of equipment for hire by visitors and residents at very reasonable rates. This equipment ranges from special beds, hoists and pulleys, crutches of various sorts, walking sticks, wheelchairs, walkers (regular, tripod and quad), nursery equipment and a variety of other items. Persons interested in hiring such equipment for the duration of their stay should telephone:

Bermuda Red Cross --- Tel: (809) 236-2345


St. Brendan's Hospital has a swimming pool equipped with ramped entrance and hydraulic lift. Enquiries should be made in advance, booking through:

Recreational Therapy Department --- Tel: (809) 236-3770


The following can be used as a general guide. Suggestions and assistance regarding sightseeing can be provided by contacting:

Mr. Willard Fox
Hamilton HM AX

The West End

This is a good place to go for the day. The Somerset/Dockyard ferry will get you there in a pleasant fashion. The Bermuda Maritime Museum is accessible by wheelchair and is a first class attraction. Nearby is the Craft Market. The Neptune Theatre is accessible by wheelchair, as are the restaurants and the new shopping mall.

The East End

This is a good place to take the Physically Handicapped Association's bus to George's for a day of sightseeing - the Town Square, the replica of the "Deliverance" (viewing from the ground only), the Statue of Sir George Somers, the quaint alleys. There is an attractive outdoor shopping mall on the waterfront which is partially accessible by wheelchair.

Fort St. Catherine is a few minutes away by taxi and offers partial access by wheelchair. At nearby Tobacco Bay, a person in a wheelchair can get down near the water.

Central Parishes

Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum & Zoo are easily accessible to wheelchairs and offer first class exhibits.

Bank of Bermuda Coin Collection, Head Office on Front Street, Hamilton. Accessible to wheelchairs using side elevators and by arrangements with Security.

Bermuda Railway Museum near the Aquarium, is also accessible.

Bermuda Historical Society Museum at the Par-la-ville Library in Hamilton is accessible; the lending library is not accessible.


Enquire in advance about accessibility. Some crews have had experience getting persons who are physically challenged on board, such as Looking Glass Cruises and Jesse James Cruises.


  • Botanical Gardens, near the City of Hamilton:
    Beautiful public gardens with paved walks; most of the gardens are accessible by wheelchair, including a perfumed garden specially planted for the blind. The Visitors Centre, located within the Botanical Gardens and which houses a gift shop, cafeteria and dining area, is accessible by wheelchair as are the restrooms.
  • Albuoy's Point, overlooking Hamilton Harbour:
    A flat park area with accessible sidewalks and grass area in Hamilton.
  • The Arboretum:
    Very pretty with paved walkways, in Devonshire, accessible by wheelchairs.
  • Barr's Bay Park:
    Overlooking Hamilton Harbour - accessible by wheelchair from sidewalk street level then down a ramp, just outside the city limits.
Other Parks Include:
  • Fort Hamilton
  • Scaur Hill Fort Park
  • Penhurst Park
  • Heydon Trust Property
  • Spanish Point Park

Paved roads will afford the opportunity to explore quite a bit through these properties.


Surf chairs for use on the beach (for those who can transfer) are available for use free of charge on Horseshoe Bay and John Smith's Bay. See lifeguard for chairs or see rental outlet by the restaurant on Horseshoe Bay.

  • Horseshoe Bay Beach:
    easily accessible by wheelchair and has a beach house and restaurant overlooking the beach. The restaurant itself is not accessible.
  • John Smith's Bay
    upgraded and designed for use by physically challenged persons.
Other beaches/bays with close beach proximity are:
  • Daniel's Head Beach Park
  • West Whale Bay (the road is paved but steep)
  • Devonshire Bay
  • Mullet Bay
  • Fort St. Catherine Beach


Warwick Bowling Alley, the National Tennis Stadium and the Bernard Park Softball Diamond are all accessible by wheelchair.


  • The Angelican Holy Trinity Cathedral, Hamilton, is accessible by a steep ramp.
  • St. James', Somerset: accessible by wheelchair at the main street level entrance.
  • St. Paul's A.M.E., in Hamilton, is accessible at the south entrance.
  • St. Peter's in the Town of St. George is accessible by wheelchair through the west entrance, but there is one step at the gate.

(This is not a complete list; enquiries should be made to individual churches regarding access.)


The large hotels all have shopping arcades comprised of branch shops of the major Hamilton stores. This is the most convenient shopping for those who are physically challenged, as not all the sidewalks in Hamilton are ramped, and some of the curbs are 6" or more above street level.

  • Among the major Front Street stores with easy access for wheelchairs and wide elevators are: Trimingham Bros. and A.S. Cooper & Sons. The elevator in Coopers will take you from Front Street to Reid Street level.
  • The Washington Mall is accessible to wheelchairs. There is a self-operated freight elevator, just ask any shop clerk where it is, which takes you to the top level to the Mall. It is also a way to get from Reid Street to Church Street.
  • The outdoor shopping mall in St. George's is partially accessible to wheelchairs through the alley by the Carriage House Restaurant.


Restaurants within large hotels are usually accessible to wheelchairs. however, it is advisable to call ahead to the maitre d'. Those persons using a wheelchair should always call ahead to double-check on accessibility and space to accommodate a wheelchair, and whether the restrooms are accessible. The following is a partial list of restaurants accessible by wheelchair:

Exclusive Restaurants:

  • Port O'Call
  • Tom Moore's Tavern (one step)
  • Waterlot Inn (easy access via car park)
  • Mikado, Marriott's Castle Harbour Resort
  • Tiara Room, Hamilton Princess
  • Windsor, Marriott's Castle Harbour Resort

Specialty Restaurants:

  • Ristorante Primavera (accessible, but not to restrooms)

Medium Priced Restaurants:

  • Botanic Garden Tea Room, Trimingham's
  • Carriage House (through back entrance)
  • Lobster pot (one step)
  • Loyalty Inn (easy access for inside and out dining and to restroom)
  • new Queen Restaurant (one step)
  • Portofino (access with restroom)
  • Tivoli Garden (good access)
  • Wharf Tavern (one step at North entrance)
  • Margaret Rose (one step)
  • Red Carpet
  • Cafe Lido, Elbow Beach Hotel
  • Colony Pub, Hamilton Princess
  • Monte Carlo (need assistance up sidewalk)

Pub Style Restaurants:

  • Docksider
  • Frog & Onion
  • Somers Pub on the Square (access through back)
  • Swizzle Inn
  • Flanagans (via elevator)
  • Beergarten (stepwooden ramp available on request)

Moderately Priced Restaurants:

  • Bailey's Ice Cream Parlour (outdoor patio)
  • Deli in Washington Mall, Hamilton
  • Fourways Pastry Shop, Washington Mall
  • Fourways Gourmet Shop, Windsor Place
  • Paraquet (steep ramp)
  • Take Five, Washington Mall
  • White Horse Tavern (one step)
  • Woody's Drive In
  • New Freeport at Dockyard
  • Wok Restaurant
  • Pizza House, Heron Bay
  • Richardson's Restaurant (one step)
  • Specialty Inn (lip at entrance)
  • Green Lantern (small step)
  • New Queen Restaurant (one step)
  • Surf and Turf


  • Rudy's Bistro, Walker Arcade
  • Pink's Deli, The Walkway
  • Blue Moon (Parr-la-Ville entrance)
  • Theatre Cafe (Church Street entrance)
  • Double Dip Ice Cream Parlour
  • The Buttery
  • Trinity Chicken
  • Coffee Pot, Hamilton Pharmacy
  • Ice Queen
  • Buckaroo (one step)
  • Halfway House (one step)


Nichtclubs with restrooms:

  • Club 21 (soca, jaxx), Royal Naval Dockyard
  • Hubies Jazz Bar, Angle St, Hamilton
  • Sonesta Beach Hotel nightclub

Otherwise, nightclubs within large hotels are usually accessible by wheelchair, but again, it is advisable to call ahead regarding accessibility, space for wheelchairs, and accessibility to restrooms. Advance arrangements can often be made to facilitate persons who are physically challenged who wish to enjoy the local night life.


  • Bank of Bermuda Ltd., branches on Church Street, and Par-la-Ville Road and Bermudiana Road in Hamilton are accessible.
  • Bank of Butterfield & Son Ltd., Rosebank Centre, Hamilton, accessible to wheelchairs (as long as someone holds the door open or by making prior arrangements with security).


Physically challenged visitors to Bermuda should advise the airline at the time of ticketing of any requirements they may have. Airline personnel will make arrangements at point of departure and point of arrival. Descent from the aircraft in Bermuda is by a "carry chair."


  • Neptune Theatre, Royal Naval Dockyard
  • Somers Playhouse, St. George's
  • Liberty Theatre, Hamilton (steep ramp)


  • Queen Street, Hamilton by the Perot Post Office
  • Town Square, St. George's
  • Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard

NOTE: A comprehensive survey has not been carried out. In case of error
or if you would like to make any comments about accessibility in Bermuda, please write to
Willard Fox
P.O. Box HM 8
Hamilton, HM AX
or call (809) 292-5025 or 293-8148.

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